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Officially Jorge's #HurricaneHacks

Hurricane season is over and what a season it was ! Disaster literally struck my house like lighting struck ! Florida , Texas , The Virgin Islands and my mother island of Puerto Rico have all been deeply impacted by these terrible weather events and to this day Puerto Rico still does not have a properly functioning power grid. All we can do is be patient , supportive and most importantly #StayWoke !

During one of my three evacuations I found myself always sitting at the little kids table. What I mean by that is this , my two little nieces truly had no idea what a hurricane was or exactly what kind of devestation they cause and were totally bored stuck inside my sister’s house . So I did what I do best , #EntertainandEducate. This was the inspiration for my Hurricane Hacks Facebook Live videos .

#hurricane #hurricanehacks #weatherchannel

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