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Orange Kiss : Keep It Safe and Smart was the perfect event to compliment my multiple screenings of Wonder Woman especially since Nation Gun Violence Awareness day was on June 3rd. It boggles my mind when it comes to the debate about gun control but I get it. Like anything else in the laws of the land it’s political and everything political is attached to someone’s pocket. But still, I think it's just too easy to legally get your hands on a gun.

A few years ago on The Jorge Show we did a special on gun violence called No Guns Allowed with special guest Biko Baker who had enlisted rap superstar Snoop Dog / Snoop Lion to back up his cause. It is so sad to say that not much has changed about gun control except for of course more violence. We need to stop and listen to each other and I did just that. Instead of mouthing off with my opinion I had a pleasant conversation with a man named Paul. Paul is a very …Amendment 2 the British are coming kinda guy. I was on one side of the street he was on the other the police were there and in the process of detaining him. I wanted to know more so here I go , clear with the police and I approach Paul and ask him if he would answers some questions. My first question was , If you know that it is National Gun Violence Awareness Day and there is a peaceful event across the street with families , children and victims of gun violence why would you show up with gun ? Well Paul stated that it was simply his right to do so. Anyway , it took everything in my body to not roll my eyes because just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it. Paul kept talking , I kept listening and believe it or not we shared some the same beliefs . It would be nice for more people to have the same dialogue Paul and I had which made a lot of #GUNSENSE. There needs to be a better way to properly vet people before they legally purchase guns or any other type of firearm. Keep them off of planes and out of schools . Lets re-examine the Stand Your Ground Laws and place more focus on training and safety. And let us not forget those who have lost loved ones from a bullet. This truly is not about taking your guns a way . It is about disarming Hate.

So , are Paul and I friends ? Still NO. Thanks for the conversation it was cute but the next time you step onto private property trying to be all #WildWildWest with a gun as part o your ensemble the police will be called and you will cited for trespassing . Do without the gun next time and you might even receive a personal invitation . I will say you look damn good in the back of that police wagon.

#StayFabulous XO Officially Jorge

Let's end gun violence together!

Moms Demand Action for #Gunsense in America began the #WearOrange campaign two years ago to honor the life of Hadiya Pendleton, a 15-year-old student in Chicago.

Shortly after marching in President Obama's re-inaugural parade in 2012, Hadiya was killed by gunfire in her hometown. We #WearOrange on her birthday to honor her life, the lives of more than 90 Americans killed by gun violence every day, and the hundreds more who are injured every day.

In just three years, the #WearOrange campaign has grown into a nationwide movement. Last year hundreds of thousands of Americans joined us in calling for an end to gun violence. More than 150 cities declared June 2 Gun Violence Awareness Day, volunteer leaders held 200+ events in all 50 states, and skylines turned orange from coast to coast.

This year in Tampa, we're planning an even louder, brighter, and bigger display on Saturday, June 3, in partnership with INDIVISIBLE Action Together Tampa Bay. Hosted by The Portico, Orange KISS: Keep It Safe & Smart will give neighbors and friends the chance to join our movement, and to lend their voices to the call to end gun violence.

INDIVISIBLE Action Together Tampa Bay is committed to progressive political action. Over 5,400 members work together to promote progressive causes and candidates in Tampa Bay, the state of Florida and the nation. IATTB promotes sensible gun laws and responsible criminal justice reform and is excited to partner with MDA to bring this event to our community.

#guncontrol #gunviolence #indivisble #theportico #wearorange #disarmhate

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